“You know how it goes… you’ve met that person, your heart is theirs. A question is popped, the answer is yes! The people you love are gathered to celebrate, you stand before them and declare it out – You are the peanut to my butter, the twinkle in my eye. The flip in my flop, the spring in my step! The beat of my heart. The love of my life! – There were cheers and tears, hugs and kisses, and endless smiles everywhere you looked. Songs were sung and the dancing shoes were on! The celebration of love from that day on, a happily ever after.”

I love stories and I love telling them. If you like I would love to tell yours too!

My photography style sees no limitations. I’m inspired by the unexpected and the abstract, by art, and by fashion. By romance. True expression of emotions…intimacy…passion…laughter…YOU.

Best suited for those who don’t hold back, just go for it! Live the moment, cry, laugh – laugh at yourself – love…have FUN!

Shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you.