When I think of my childhood, things that pop into my head are rainy summer afternoons, my beloved cat Snoes​,​ and – my three cows. Yes, three cows! Growing up in South Africa I was free…we played in fields, we built tree houses. I gained battle scars from those BMX and skateboard sessions, I kissed girls, broke hearts, and had my own heart broken in return. I hated school yet I always worked hard for the things I loved. I also had another love – music. My love of music led me to becoming a DJ and mixing some records for Gallo Records.

I felt loved, always.

Dreams of adventure led me to Ireland, and to a freckle-faced lass from Dublin who kissed me to ‘Don’t Cha’…and I fell in love for the last time.

Hey… I’m Johannes. Husband to that same freckle-faced lass, a father to a seriously handsome little boy. The wiper-upper of tears and the giver of swings. We love our scooters! And smoothies! There’s just something so satisfying about chucking in those ingredients and blending them up, drinking it back…simplicity.

Sound… Sound enhances my life, feeds my soul. My favourite sound is my son’s laughter… I feel complete.

Music… Music that is created by everyday sounds. Or the bending cries of a harmonica, the soothing flow of the cello.

Simplicity… Sipping on a good Cognac late at night, catching up on my favourite tv shows…simplicity.

Photographer… As a Dad, I’ve been shown how fast life goes by, how quickly things change and how amazingly precious those little moments are. Have you ever heard a song, or smelled a smell, and suddenly been transported to a particular place or time? How to capture that feeling? This is why I love photography. The visual version of those things.

Photography is an adventure, one I fell in love with while on another adventure travelling throughout the Middle East. We value photographs because of how they make us feel. Photography allows us to cheat time in the only way we can, one photo at a time. Moments are so valuable and a photo of one moment is like a time machine that brings you back and forth. It has the power to make you smile, laugh, cry. Moments will live forever this way.

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