“Not long after they held hands as they looked at the fireworks, they poured all their dreams and wishes into one wish – and from that wish there was a bump! The bump got bigger and bigger and, yes bigger – another adventure, together as three.”

An adventure where days may seem inconsequential, yet they are what make you…you. And your family, well, your family.
The way your baby scrunches up his pudgy little face when he laughs, or the way your toddler’s little fingers cling to yours while you go for a walk to feed the ducks. Their whole hand wrapped around just one of your fingers…precious.
Those days when you decide to wake them up early for a special treat – a trip to the beach! Doing cartwheels on the sand and running away from those big waves before they get you…happiness.
Those long summer days of eating ice cream on a hot day, quick before it runs down your hand!
When you spend all day hanging a tyre from a rope on that big oak tree, just to see their happy faces as they shout and swing…childhood.
Waking up early to find it has snowed – wrap up warm! You’re going to want to win that snowball fight! Then back inside for cosy pj’s and hot chocolates and your favouirte winter movie in front of the fire…unforgettable.

Things that happen maybe every day, the ones you don’t think too much about, are the things we will most likely remember and cherish the most.

I love my child’s mind; the way it ticks… the simplicity is inspiring! An almost forgotten way of learning. He has taught me to really look at things in a way I had forgotten was possible. I learn from him all the time and he inspires me every day. When you feel those little arms around your neck and the slobbery kisses on your face. A whole new love you never knew existed. There are so many things that happen every day as a parent you wish you could bottle and keep forever. To capture that feeling and carry it with you always.

There is a story in every family, and if you like, I would love to tell yours too.

Best suited for those who don’t hold back, just go for it! Live the moment, cry, laugh – laugh at yourself – love…have FUN!

Shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you.